Look Alive


  1. Riposte by Ikonika (Opening Ceremony)
  2. Real Thing (Jim-E Stack Remix) by Lower Dens
  3. Look Alive by Shelf Nunny (Bad Panda)
  4. Nice To See You (Different Sleep Remix) by Ricky Eat Acid (Terrible Records)
  5. SOH013 (Remix the House) by Jonti (future classic)
  6. Flickering (feat. JFDR) by Lapalux on Ruinism (Brainfeeder)
  7. Velvet & Rust by Murlo on Club Coil EP (Mixpak)
  8. Had To Let Me Go by Nite Jewel on Real High (Gloriette)
  9. Fast Car by LORD RAJA
  10. drag queen bingo by e p i c u r e on drag queen bingo
  11. The Other Side by Perera Elsewhere on All of This (Friends Of Friends)
  12. Manual Decapitation by Ikonika (Hyperdub)
  13. Los Angeles by Kodak to Graph on ISA (Family)
  14. Cascades by Indian Wells (Friends Of Friends)
  15. Rayanne (Indian Wells remix) by Sekuoia
  16. Red Forest by Landslide
  17. Sick of Love by Maud Geffray on Polaar (Pan European Recordings)
  18. Drain by Marks on Drain EP (Coyote Records)
  19. Wake by chrome sparks
  20. To Say by Jacques Greene on Feel Infinite (LuckyMe Records)
  21. Can't Help It by Baba Stiltz (Studio Barnhus)
  22. Wonder by Omniment
  23. Sense Likes by Desert (CSCN)
  24. Blink by Easyfun (PC Music ♩)
  25. Lonely God (Downstate Remix) by Swimful on Pearl (SVBKVLT)
  26. Tired Of You by Murlo on Club Coil EP (Mixpak)
  27. Wake Up (Murlo Remix) by DAWN
  28. Ari Spn by MssingNo
  29. Fine Rain by Kafuka on Laws of Nature (Project Mooncircle)
  30. Moss by Murlo on Club Coil EP (Mixpak)
  31. Adore feat Ariana Grande (MssingNo Remix) by Cashmere Cat
  32. fase by Omnine on You Are Home (Apparel Tronic)