Transfiguration #8


  1. Lagoon Night-S by Iasos on Music for Accelerated-Consciousness Love-Making
  2. Aqua Como by Beesmunt Soundsystem on Aqua Como EP
  3. Darkness Is Good by Maajo on Tropics of Tulli
  4. Azulejos by Populous on Azulejos
  5. Tambacounda's White Magic by Clap! Clap! on Tambacounda EP
  6. Nheengatu by Kurup on Minguante EP
  7. Spring Dance by Suplington on Repeating Flowers
  8. Sausalito Fullmoon by Barrio Lindo on Kayak Break
  9. Poplar Tree by El Bu'ho on Chingaza
  10. Stony Beach by Deathprod on Imaginary Songs from Tristan Da Cunha
  11. Hatsudai by A Taut Line on Distraction Provisions
  12. Nuh Bad Love by Miss Red on Various Artists Dub-Stuy Presents Punanny Riddim
  13. Bigote by Prah (Aasco Remix) on Work / Prah
  14. Trabajo 3X6 by dj el g ,el g on Sabor FVLS
  15. Heal Me by Pearson Sound on Robin Chasing Butterflies
  16. Cargo Cult by Hainbach on Shrines
  17. In Stillness by Mark Pritchard on Under the Sun (Expanded, Vol. 1)
  18. Central Casting by Body-San on Pacific Reasons
  19. Make Time by Shanti Celeste on Make Time
  20. Of All the Places Left to Dance by TEE MANGO on #1
  21. Electric Current by Benjamin Milz on Lifesaver Compilation 3
  22. Trash Town by Project Pablo on Risk the Rip
  23. Sea (Young Marco Remix) by Roosevelt on Remixed 1
  24. Keep Love on Me by Central on Political Dance #1
  25. Mapping (Original) by Gacha Bakradze on Mapping / Cold Sweat
  26. Part One by The Chi Factory on The Bamboo Recordings