Episode 6: All Over The Place

I battle through a cold to make the tunes come out. More of a ramble than most weeks. The mixing gets slightly better.


  1. The Flumps by The Flumps on The Flumps (unknown)
  2. Tokyo < > London 1 by Rick Smith on Bungalow With Stairs 1 (underworldlive)
  3. Voodoo Ray (Original 12 by A Guy Called Gerald on Voodoo Ray (-)
  4. Everyone's A VIP To Someone by The Go! Team on The Go! Team (-)
  5. Track 20 by Musica de Ponto on Musica de Ponto (Estudiolivre)
  6. Track 06 by Musica Livre en Teresina on unknown (Estudiolivre)
  7. Disarm Him (Country Music) by Kalahari Surfers on Panga Management (-)
  8. The Island of children's children by Mum on The Island of Children's Children (-)
  9. snapping fuss by Plug on Avantgardism Vol. 1 (Avantgardism)
  10. We Who Are Not As Others by 4Hero on We Who Are Not As Others (Talkin' Loud)
  11. All In Your Hands by Lamb on Fear of Fours (Fontana)
  12. Gyromancer by PMT on Gyromancer (10 Kilo)
  13. Sunflower by Sam Paganini on Sunflower (Drumcode)
  14. Morning Side by Four Tet on Morning/Evening (Text)
  15. She Brings The Rain by Can on Bottom (-)
  16. 16 Shells From A 30.6 by Tom Waits on Swordfishtrombones (Island)
  17. Ngantosan by Degung Orchestra on Degung Orchestra (-)
  18. Springer by Tosca on Springer (K7!)
  19. Break
  20. Moving Through Time by Angelo Badalamenti on Fire Walk With Me (-)