TUFF SIGNALS 155 - Emo Night!

Jess is out of town so Lizzy prerecords our annual-ish emo episode on her own! The first half of the episode is all new emo/emo revival bands, the second half is new tracks by long-standing artists and some old favorites.

Correction: I incorrectly stated in the recording that Braid's album No Coast (2014) came out on Polyvinyl Records — it was actually Topshelf. Sorry!!


  1. Eighteen by Joyce Manor on Cody (Epitaph)
  2. Body Language by Balance and Composure on Slow Heart EP (Vagrant Records)
  3. Hanging Around by Basement on Promise Everything (Run for Cover Records)
  4. Where Are You? by Sorority Noise on You're Not As ______ As You Think (Triple Crown Records)
  5. Settle the Scar by The Hotelier on Goodness (Tiny Engines)
  6. Sleep in the Heat by PUP on The Dream Is Over (SideOneDummy Records)
  7. Comme Si About Me by Mikey Erg on Tentative Decisions (Don Giovanni Records)
  8. Misused Adrenaline by Dryjacket on For Posterity (Hopeless Records)
  9. Western Medicine by Laureate on Landmarks (Jump Start Records)
  10. Brian Emo by Grieving (Self Released)
  11. Glass Ceiling by Upset on '76 (Lauren Records)
  12. You Are a Lighthouse by Anna's Anchor on Summer Camp (Self Released)
  13. No Hard Feelings by Hemingway on Pretend to Care (6131 Records)
  14. Ghost Song by Swordfish on Rodia (Take It To Heart)
  15. Apple Cider, I Don't Mind by Modern Baseball on Holy Ghost (Run For Cover Records)
  16. After the Party by Menzingers on After The Party (Epitaph Records)
  17. No Known Drink or Drug by Japandroids on Near to the Wild Heart of Life (Polyvinyl)
  18. Moirai by Forfeit (Self Released)
  19. Desire Gets in the Way by American Football on American Football (Polyvinyl)
  20. Lower Worlds by Rainer Maria (Polyvinyl Records)
  21. Blood on the Moon by Racquet Club (Rise Records)
  22. Roosevelt Champion III by Camorra on Mourning, Resistance, Celebration (Arctic Rodeo)
  23. Spinning Wheel by Radar State on Radar State EP (Self Released)
  24. East End Hollows by Braid on No Coast (Topshelf Records)
  25. Incurably Innocent by At the Drive-In on in•ter a•li•a (Rise Records)
  26. The Radiator Hums by Cursive on Domestica (Saddle Creek)
  27. After the Parade by Christie Front Drive on For Want of... Comp (X-Mist Records)
  28. Fire engine Red by Boy's Life on Departures and Landfalls (Headhunter Records)
  29. All There Is by Rites of Spring on Rites of Spring (Dischord)
  30. Parking Lot by Mineral on The Power of Failing (Crank!)
  31. What Would I Say to You Now by Jimmy Eat World on Clarity (Capitol Records)
  32. Sluttering (May 4th) by Jawbreaker on Dear You (DGC)
  33. At Your Funeral by Saves the Day on Stay What You Are (Vagrant Records)