My Sick & Twisted Reality 22


  1. Birthday Candles by Tancred on Birthday Candles (Polyvinyl)
  2. Exhumed by Zola Jesus on Okovi (Sacred Bones)
  3. Time's Been Reckless by Marika Hackman on I'm Not Your Man (Sub Pop)
  4. Regal Slut by Maya Songbird on Regal Slut (single) (self-released)
  5. Wave by Half Waif on form/a (Cascine)
  6. Un anno d'amore by Mina on Studio Uno (Rifi)
  7. Chameleon by Ruby Pins on Ruby Pins (M'ladys)
  8. IH8U by noncompliant on NONCOMPLIANT (self-released)
  9. Echoes by ESSES on No Light In This Fire (Atakra Productions)
  10. Half an Hour by Cell Block on Eight (self-released)
  11. Please by Spotting on Spotting EP (Aarght! Records)
  12. Computer Date by Suburban Lawns on Suburban Lawns (IRS 1981)
  13. Mom and Dad and God by Suburban Lawns on Suburban Lawns (IRS 1981)
  14. Paranoia by C.C.T.V. on C.C.T.V. (Lumpy Records)
  15. Space Head by Primitives on Lovely (RCA)
  16. Something Else Instead by The Deep Freeze Mice on The Best of The Deep Freeze Mice (Night People)
  17. Tremble Dancer by Spellling on Pantheon Of Me (self-released)
  18. Bless You by BENT on mattress springs (Emotional Response Records)
  19. Massive Agressive by Mr. Wrong on Distraction Demo (Cosmonaut Records)
  20. Just Can't Get Enough by Sheer Mag on Need To Feel Your Love (Wilsuns RC)
  21. Money Never Dreams by Molly Nilsson on Imaginations (Night School)
  22. Strange by Galaxie 500 on On Fire (20/20/20)
  23. Sun by Echo Lake on Era (No Pain In Pop)
  24. Some Velvet Morning by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood on Nancy & Lee (Reprise)
  25. Some Velvet Morning by Lydia Lunch & Rowland Howard on Shotgun Wedding (Triple X)
  26. Uber-Mutti by Die Todliche Doris on S/T (Etats Unis)
  27. Call On Me by Piece War on Apathy (Epic Sweep)
  28. All I Want by Hardly Boys on Tit Punch (Self-Released)
  29. Julianne by Suss Cunts (Emotional Response)
  30. Paranoia by KATIE VON SCHLEICHER on Shitty Hits (Ba Da Bing)
  31. Slushie by Primetime on Tied Down (La Vida Es En Mus)
  32. Deus by Sugarcubes (One Little Indian)
  33. Baby by Os Mutantes on Os Mutantes (Polydor)