@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 23

Let me dazzle you with new music. Wear headphones.


  1. Sex Music by Beak> on Sex Music
  2. Invasion by Dom & Roland on Invasion/Revenge
  3. Philpper by Lauer on Phlipper EP
  4. Post Rave Wrestle (Mosca's Dead Leg Remix) by Bruce on Remixes 1
  5. Freundchen (Phil Gerus Remix) by Tensnake on Freundchen Remixes
  6. Triangle by Goldie on Triangle
  7. Especially For You by Reckonwrong on Especially For You
  8. Touch Absence by Lanark Artefex on Whities Off
  9. Brava by Ejeca on Brava EP
  10. Turn Me On by Demjua on Move
  11. Refractory Cafe by Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft on Passive Agressive
  12. Come On (Frédo Remix) by French Touch 2 on French Touch 2
  13. The Duke (Jesse Perez Remix) by Sidney Charles on The Duke
  14. Moons and Flowers by Session Victim on Listen To Your Heart
  15. Girl Like You by Tori Y Moi on Girl Like You
  16. Black Flags by Jeff Derringer on False Flags
  17. S by Honzo on Dystopia
  18. $50 Curse Removal by Maxwell Sterling on Hollywood Medieval
  19. Become The Build by Jilk on Joy In The End