Episode 8: A Partly Political Broadcast (part 2)

After last week's rudely interrupted show of British political pop, we pick up where we left off - more punk, more dub, more dubby punk.


  1. liar liar ge2017 by Captain Ska (-)
  2. The Huntsman Comes A-Marchin' by Chris T-T (-)
  3. The Running Fox by The Young'Uns (-)
  4. Tramp the Dirt Down by Elvis Costello (-)
  5. Nothing to Lose by Undercover Hippy on Truth and Fiction (-)
  6. Feed On Greed by The Undercover Hippy (-)
  7. Our Streets by The Undercover Hippy on Monkey Suit (-)
  8. Purge Your Inner Tory by Colour Me Wednesday (-)
  9. Thatcher's Fortress by The Varukers on Massacred Millions (-)
  10. Money For War by Beans On Toast on A Spanner in the Works (-)
  11. God Save The Humans by Grace Petrie on There's No Such Thing As A Protest Singer (-)
  12. Let's Give Thanks by Leon Rosselson on For The Good Of The Nation (-)
  13. Tory is a Four Letter Word by The King Blues on Tory is a Four Letter Word (-)
  14. Be Reasonable by Robb Johnson (-)
  15. The Day That Thatcher Dies by Hefner on We Love The City (-)
  16. Blue Skinned Beast by Madness on Madness (-)
  17. Review The Law by Ruff, Ruff, and Ready on Word Of Mouth (-)
  18. Ghost Town by The Specials on The Specials (-)
  19. New Crass Massahkah by Linton Kwesi Johnson (-)
  20. Five Nights Of Bleeding by Linton Kwesi Johnson on Dread Beat An' Blood (Island)
  21. Inglan is a Bitch by Linton Kwesi Johnson on Independent Intervenshan (Island)
  22. Street 66 by Linton Kwesi Johnson on Bass Culture (Island)
  23. Mile End by Pulp on Trainspotting OST (-)
  24. Break
  25. Rogue Trooper by Radical Dance Faction on Borderline Cases (-)
  26. Weak Become Heroes by The Streets on Original Pirate Material (-)