Accompanying herself on piano, guitar and ukulele, Canadian-Californian songcrafter Madeline Tasquin weaves from jazz folk to soul ballads in odd meters to playful harmonic pop to delicately dark musical fairytales, delivering it all with a stage presence that radiates joy. Enjoy this ES episode with Madeline presenting her music and performing in-studio.


  1. Poison Slow / Idle No More (Live at Viracocha) by Madeline Tasquin
  2. Madeleine (live at by Madeline Tasquin
  3. Honeybee (live at by Madeline Tasquin
  4. Don't should yourself by Madeline Tasquin
  5. Acorn by Madeline Tasquin
  6. La Javanaise (live at by Madeline Tasquin
  7. Do What You Want by Kendra McKinley
  8. Swamp Thing by Hiatus Kaiyote
  9. Overgrown by Totonoko
  10. On and ever Onward by Dirty Projectors
  11. Un Dia by Juana Molina
  12. Think Peace by Bastet