Sounds In The Dark - 12.16.14

Relax to a nightcap of recent releases from Itasca, Taylor Deupree and Wil Bolton. Plus a long-form ambient piece from Nobuto Suda, and plenty more to round things out.


  1. Walking In Hahamongna by Itasca on Unmoored By The Wind (New Images Ltd)
  2. No Rest in the Silence by David Newlyn on Disintegrating Suburban Dream (Hibernate)
  3. End Of Silence by Butterfly in the Snowfall on Butterfly in the Snowfall (Home Normal)
  4. Isolated Speech by Geotic on Bless the Self (NA)
  5. Spring by D_rradio on Seasons (Rural Colours)
  6. Ogives / Redistributed by Eluvium on Ogives / Redistributed (NA)
  7. Journal (Rough) by Taylor Deupree on Lost & Compiled (12k)
  8. Untitled unfold by Firnwald on Withering Trees Netlabel Sampler 1 (Withering Trees)
  9. 1887 by Wil Bolton on Bokeh (Home Normal)
  10. Bottom of Pocket by Nobuto Suda on Bottom of Pocket (Rural Colours)
  11. Seaside by Arovane on Tides (City Centre Offices)
  12. Ho Renomo by Cluster And Eno on Cluster & Eno (Sky Records)
  13. Intershop (2) by Dettinger on Intershop (Kompakt)
  14. Just Fishing by Simon Slator on Overboard (Aural Films)
  15. Moonrise by The Alps on A Path Through The Moon (Root Strata)
  16. Leaves by Heinali on Air (Fluttery Records)
  17. On their shoulders held the sky by Lexithimie on I wish someone was waiting for me somewhere (Rural Colours)