1.21 gigawatts - 1988 Episode 35

Mo teaches us all about the difference between techno and house, via the 1980s scenes in Detroit and Chicago.


  1. Can you feel it? by Mr. Fingers on Single 12 (Trax)
  2. Sample This by Boomer T on Sample This (Underground)
  3. Acid Thunder by Fast Eddie on Jack to the sound (AOU entertainment)
  4. 808 State by Flow Coma on Newbuild (Creed records)
  5. Structure by Reese & Santonio on Truth of self evidence (KMS Records)
  6. It Is What It Is by Rhythim Is Rhythim on It Is What It Is (Transmat)
  7. Big Fun by Inner City on Good Life - The Best of Inner City (EMI Records)
  8. Need You Tonight by INXS on Kick (Atlantic recording)
  9. Blue Monday 88’ by New Order on Singles (Warner records)
  10. Exitation by Laserdance on Around the Planet (Galaxis)