@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 25

Let's do this! Wear headphones.


  1. Lost Kingdoms by Nubya Garcia on Nubya's 5ive (Jazz Re:Freshed)
  2. Psychomagic in an Adobe Home by Distal on S/T (Distal)
  3. Get Wet in the Bomb Shelter by Tobacco on S/T (Rad Cult)
  4. Before What Happened, Happend by Bruno Ponsato on US Drag (From)
  5. Agboju Logun by Lavender Holygfield & His African Percussionists on S/T (Strut)
  6. Sugar Without Cube by Lavender Holyfield on Rabbitboxing Midnightman (Cloud Recordings)
  7. Crazy Dream by Steve Lawler on Crazy Dream (Turbo Recordings)
  8. No Regresso by Combo Chimbita on No Regresso (Figure And Ground)
  9. Zaabu by Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong on No Return (Self Release)
  10. No Return by Hugo Massien on No Return (Self Release)
  11. This Is It (Body Mix) by Baba Stiltz on This Is It (Studio Barnhus)
  12. Iadu - Purim by Eduardo De la Calle on Iadus Ladavas (Sungate)
  13. Azuba by Imran Graffiti on Cyclic (Colours Audio)
  14. Nivea by Sega Bodega on Nivea (CrazyLegs)
  15. Woman by Joel Culpepper on Tortoise (Reconstruct Music Recordings)
  16. Me Father Was A Tree by Glen Astro/Ajinascent on Even (Money $ex Records)
  17. Last Call by Osage on Algorhythym Vol 1 (Bastard Jazz Recordings)
  18. Pick Six by Gila on Pick Six EP (Deviation Music)
  19. The Everyday Push by Photay on The Everyday Push (Astro Nautico)
  20. Philémon by Chapelier Fou on Pilhémon (Self Release)
  21. Garzweiler IV by Von Spar on Garzweiler (Altin Village & Mine Records)
  22. Paranoid by Heroshe on Blank (Tar)