The Revolution Summer 013


  1. Blueprint by Fugazi on Repeater + 3 Songs (Dischord)
  2. Alison by American Football on Undercover (AV Club)
  3. Optimist by Counterparts on The Current Will Carry Us (Victory)
  4. The First Anniversary Of Your Last Phone Call by The Dismemberment Plan on The Ice of Boston EP (Interscope)
  5. Hell Yes by Alkaline Trio on Remains (Vagrant)
  6. La decadence de la decadence by Amanda Woodward on La Decadence De La Decadence (EarthWaterSky Connection)
  7. Emo by Blink-182 on Dude Ranch (Cargo)
  8. Matchbox Car by Candy Hearts on The Best Ways To Disappear (Bridge Nine)
  9. A Heart Filled Reaction To Dissatisfaction by City Of Caterpillar on City Of Caterpillar (Level Plane)
  10. Intangible by Warm Thoughts on Intangible (Asian Man)
  11. She's My Rushmore by Every Time I Die on Hot Damn! (Ferret)
  12. Wire Tap Out by Flee The Seen on Doubt Becomes The New Addiction (Facedown)
  13. Greatest Hits Collection by The Weakerthans on Fallow (Sub City)
  14. Familiar Theme by Somos on Temple Of Plenty (Run For Cover)
  15. Divorce by Quicksand on Manic Compression (Island)
  16. How Selfish I Seem by Trash Boat on Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through (Hopeless)
  17. Space Jam II by Skull Kid on I Promise That's Not The Truth (Drift Wood)
  18. Don't Mess With Texas by Remember Maine on The Last Place You Look (Little League)
  19. Hooray for Humans by Q And Not U on No Kill No Beep Beep (Dischord)
  20. December by Sea Of Cortez on Age Of Anxiety (Voice of the Sky)
  21. The Kingdom Of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm by The Nation Of Ulysses on Plays Pretty For Baby (Dischord)
  22. Atlantic by Rainer Maria on Atlantic (Polyvinyl)
  23. Apathy Is A Cold Body by Poison The Well on You Come Before You (Atlantic)
  24. Mt. Misery by My Fictions on Stranger Songs (Top Shelf)
  25. Hand Grenade by The Movielife on Has A Gambling Problem (Drive Thru)
  26. Enamore Me by Pianos Become The Teeth on Keep You (Epitaph)
  27. Time Capsules by Misser on Every Day I Tell Myself I'm Going To Be A Better Person (Rise)
  28. Living Alone by Koufax on It Had To Do ith Love (Vagrant)
  29. Red Letter Day, On Play by Nai Harvest on Whatever (Dog Knight Productions)
  30. Move Along by The All-American Rejects on Move Along (Interscope)
  31. Different People by Man Overboard on The Human Highlight Reel (Run For Cover)
  32. Hybrid Rainbow by The Pillows on Fool on the Planet (King)
  33. Stars by HUM on You'd Prefer An Astronaut (RCA)