Paul Major Shoe


  1. Back in 74' by Endless Boogie on Vibe Killer (No Quarter Records)
  2. Cherry Soul Sound by Jr. & His Soulettes on Homeschooled: ABC's of Kid Soul (Numero Group)
  3. At My Front Door by The El Dorados on A Taste of Doo Wop, Vol 2. (Concord Music Group)
  4. La Guitarra by Azucar Cacao y Leche on Azucar Cacao y Leche (Mundo Digital)
  5. Fog Hangs Like a Neck by Dull Knife on Light Is the Night Dark Is the Day (Spinnup)
  6. Cocaine Blues by Abner Jay on One Man Band (Subliminal Sounds)
  7. Joe Hill (Inspelad för Tonkraft på Gärdet 1976) by Turid Lundquist on Folkprogg (Scerigas)
  8. Life Goes On by The New Dawn on There's A New Dawn
  9. Dancin' Wizard by Sopwith Camel on The Miraculous Hump Returns From the Moon (Generic Type Records)
  10. I Just Sit There by Sonny Bono on Psychadelic 1967 (Warner)
  11. Trippin' Like A Dog & Rockin' Like a Bitch by Creepy John Thomas on Creepy John Thomas (ODL)
  12. TB Sheets by Van Morrison on TB Sheets (1973 CBS Records)
  13. It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) by Hank Ballard And The Midnighters on Best of the Best (Gusto)
  14. I'll Come Runnin' by Daisy Chain on Straight or Lame (Sundazed)
  15. Funky Kinky by Kenneth Higney on Ork Records: New York New York (Numero Group)
  16. Begging Your Pardon (Miss Jones) by Morgen on Morgen (Probe)
  17. Untitled, Pt. 7 by Charlie Tweddle on Fantastic Greatest Hits (Self)
  18. How Can I Marry In This Language by Marc Mundy on Marc Mundy (Companion)
  19. Drugs, Booze and Sound by Sound Ceremony on Guitar Star (One Kind Favor)
  20. One Mile From Heaven (short version) by Bobb Trimble on Iron Curtain Innocence (Secretly Canadian)
  21. Rock It Nice and Easy by Palmer Rockey on Rocky's Style Movie Album (Trunk)
  22. Lake Shore Drive by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah on Lake Shore Drive (Self)
  23. New Day by Arthur Lee Harper on Love is the Revolution (Golden Lane)
  24. A Stranger's Smile by D.R. Hooker on The Truth (Subliminal Sound)