Kip Williams

San Francisco and East Bay psychotherapist Kip Williams, MFT and I talk eco-therapy and activism.


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  1. Paranoid Android by Brad Mehldau on Largo (Nonesuch Records) $ Buy
  2. Wonder Woman by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel on None (Warner Brothers) $ Buy
  3. Mother Nature's Son by The Beatles on The White Album (Apple Records) $ Buy
  4. Collapse by Boards of Canada on Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp) $ Buy
  5. Up the Mountain (MLK Song) by Patty Griffin on Children Running Through (ATO) $ Buy
  6. Marche Slav by Kaki King on Glow (Velour Records) $ Buy
  7. Welcome Home (Prefuse 73 Danse Macabre) by Daedalus on Exquisite Corpse (Mush Records/Ninja Tune) $ Buy