A Thick Mist (July 17, 2017)

I forgot how massive that Cough song is. Wish it was pressed at 45 so I could slow it down even more. The recording of a surgery  mixed with Aquarelle and Locrian/Mamiffer is A+ in my opinion. Also don't miss the new Ustalost vinyl from Gilead. So sexy.

The mask in the photo of this post comes with the Palestine & Schaefer collab on Desire Path, designed by Chris Koelle, so naturally I had to put it on while I was spinning that and some Bengali tunes.


  1. Weeping And Wailing by Mississippi John Hurt on Worried Blues (Piedmont)
  2. Athame by Cough on Reflection Of The Negative (Relapse)
  3. Black Snake by Tallahassee Tight on Down South (Roots)
  4. A Shifting Visage by Aquarelle on Alex Cobb / Aquarelle split (Low Point)
  5. Supervised Surgical Operation On A Small Boy With A Cyst In His Neck by No artist on Sounds Of Medicine (Folkways)
  6. In Fulminic Blaze / Bless Them That Curse You by Locrian & Mamiffer on Bless Them That Curse You (Sige / Utech)
  7. Ki Die Pujibo Hari Charana Tomar / Bloey Koey Manush Key Ki Sadhu Kora Jai? by Purna Das on The Bauls Of Bengal (Elektra)
  8. Raga De L'Apres Midi Pour Aude by Charlemagne Palestine & Janek Schaefer on Day Of The Demons (Desire Path)
  9. March, Children, March / He's My Rock by Golden Eagle Gospel Singers on Living Humble (Nugrape)
  10. I'm Living Humble by Heavenly Gospel Singers on Living Humble (Nugrape)
  11. Arrive, Arrive by Ian William Craig on Slow Vessels (FatCat)
  12. Side A excerpt by Robert J. Lurtesma on Dawn Chorus: The Birds Of Morning Pro Musica (Sine Qua Non Productions)
  13. Arrullo San Antonio / Los Cholitos by Unknown artists on In Praise Of Oxalá And Other Gods: Black Music Of South America (Nonesuch)
  14. Love Theme / Tower Music - Let Us Pray by Wendy Carlos on Tron Soundtrack (CBS)
  15. The Sphynx by Agarttha on A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands (King Of The Monsters)