transfiguration # 15


  1. Silk Factories by Clive Bell on asakusa follies
  2. Traditional (Papua New Guinea) by Wame Igini Kamu
  3. Lost Dialogue of Pikanya by Yamaneko on New Atlantis
  4. Prayer ... Nirvana... Prayer by Vito Ricci
  5. Music for Santoor, Bansuri, Tanpura y Sarod by Mark Barrott
  6. Baie de la sagesse by Canada Effervescent
  7. Two Thousand And Seventeen by Four Tet
  8. Cumbia de Tototl by El Búho
  9. Violins Walking Newbury by Adjusted Speech
  10. Zoom by PLOY
  11. Tribal Dreams by DJ Boring
  12. Subjective by Inkolelo on Beating Heart
  13. I Dreamt Of Amazonia by Axefield
  14. Untitled C2 by SW
  15. Stellar Clusters by DJ Sports
  16. I Remember by Tell
  17. Oracle by Calypso
  18. Don't Hide It by J. Albert
  19. Red Light by Black Loops
  20. No Worries by Suzanne Kraft
  21. Tropicaçovas by Bruxas
  22. Turks and Caicos (Didcot Wave Mix) by World Air
  23. It Ain't Easy by Hidden Spheres
  24. South Station by Adjusted Speech
  25. Something About You by Subjoi
  26. IV by Iguana Moonlight
  27. What the World Needs Now Is Love (feat. Matthew Halsall) by Dwight Trible