Episode 027 - Pardon?

With the net tightening around him, Donnie Shortfingers and his mob family are trying to figure out how to survive this thing called White House. 'Me no like White House', says Don while Don jr chortles 'Him say house, him stoopid, me talk to Russian.'

Yeah Mueller's getting closer to these criminal masterminds and they need an out.

Pardons all around? Maybe. But we must keep up the pressure. Make them feel like they may go to the pokey.

Stay vigilant;



  1. Metal Man by Electric Eel Shock on Sugoi Indeed
  2. TV Party by Black Flag on Damaged
  3. How Do You Spell Heaven by Guided by Voices on How Do You Spell Heaven?
  4. Breaking the Angle Against the Tide by Craft Spells on CMJ Mixtape: June 2014
  5. Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop on Blah-Blah-Blah
  6. Shelley by See Through Dresses on Horse of the Other World (Visit http://seethroughdresses.bandcamp.com)
  7. LESS THAN by Nine Inch Nails on Add Violence
  8. The Media Must Fight Back by Keith Olbermann on The Resistance
  9. Felonious Punk by PostWarGlamourGirls on xxx
  10. Ah! Leah! by Iris,Donnie on Back On The Streets
  11. Cool American - Great at Parties by Various Artists on PDX Pop Now! 2017 (PDX Pop Now!)
  12. Stand for the Fire Demon by Roky Erickson on xxx