The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/DJ Erix 7/25/2017!


  1. Do You Believe In The Westworld? by Theatre Of Hate
  2. Carnival To Hell by Bonemen of Barumba on Icons
  3. Thrash Me by Malaria! on Revisited
  4. Killtime by Svatsox on Bred In The Bone, Out In The Flesh
  5. Spinning Around by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry on Paint Your Wagon
  6. Poison Pen by Bauhaus on BBC Peel Sessions
  7. Julia by Asylum Party on Borderline
  8. Bring On The Dancing Horses by Echo And The Bunnymen on Pretty In Pink Sountrack
  9. Night Train by Visage on The Anvil
  10. Death Cures All Pain by Suicide Commando on Bind, Torture, Kill
  11. Going Red by Kanga on Kanga
  12. Splice Of Life by Factrix
  13. Guns by Indian Jewelry on Peel It
  14. Earth Song by 1919 on Earth Song
  15. Unknown To The I by Drab Majesty on Completely Careless (2012-2015)
  16. Moans by Parade Ground on Cut Up
  17. Rendez-vous D'Or by Xeno and Oaklander on Sentinelle
  18. Gravity To The End by Haus Arafna on Butterfly
  19. The Seven Seals Will Be Revealed At The End Of Time by Current 93