Tuff Signals 159


  1. Dead Wrong by Indian Goat on 1 (Resurrection Records)
  2. El Moran by Mascaras on El Moran (Resurrection Records)
  3. Drifter by The Coathangers on Parasite (Suicide Squeeze)
  4. Video by Guantanamo on Desert Center (Suicide Squeeze)
  5. High Goodbye by Magic Shop on High Goodbye (Self Released)
  6. Cruel World by Big Huge on Cruel World (Don Giovanni Records)
  7. Sick by The Blisters on Cured (Self Released)
  8. When the sun soaks in by Deadbeat Beat on When I Talk To You (Self Released)
  9. Sun Medallion by King Tuff on Was Dead (Burger Records)
  10. All in All by Connections on Midnight Run (Anyway Records)
  11. Speed With Goldie by Marvelous Mark on Buzzin' (Drunken Sailor)
  12. Who Killed Six by Sextile on Albeit Living (Self Released)
  13. Animated Violence by Oh Sees on Orc (Castle Face Records)
  14. Endless Drip by ISS on Endless Pussyfooting (Erst Etheke Tontraeger)
  15. Dream by Honey on New Moody Judy (Warf Car Records)
  16. The String Game by Guerilla Toss on GT Ultra (DFA Records)
  17. Please Do Not Come Home by SCANTRON on Please Do Not Come Home / I'll Never Change (Self Released)
  18. Clocking In by TV Crime (Self Released)
  19. Take My Brain Away by Magic City on Demo (Self Released)
  20. Race to End the World by Trophy Knife on Trophy Knife (Quality Time Records)
  21. Brutalia by The Cowboys on The Cowboys ST LP (Drunken Sailor Records)
  22. Shake City by The Bingers on Stay Satisfied (Tall Pat Records)
  23. Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) by Downtown Boys on Somos Chulas (Sub Pop)
  24. Don't Take Your Switchblade to New York by Pale Lips on Should've Known Better! (Self Released)
  25. I Like Yr Face by MELT on Pick A Fight (Self Released)
  26. Change Your Mind by Lost Balloons on Hey Subber (Dirtnap Records)
  27. Livin' Easy by Livin' Easy Single on Jesus Sons (Mock Records)
  28. Heaven by DEHD on Fire of Love (Self Released)
  29. Pics, Movs, & Apts. by Paul Jacobs on Pictures, Movies & Apartments (Self Released)
  30. Frank Infatuation by Real Numbers on The Greatest of All-Time #1 (Forged Artifacts)
  31. What I Found by VACATION on Non-Person (Don Giovanni Records)
  32. Darken My Door by Babewatch on Wasted Time (Self Released)
  33. Come Back by Terry Malts on Lost at the Party (Slumberland Records)
  34. Sweeney Ashtray by Protomartyr on Our First 100 Days (Out First 100 Days)
  35. A Little Change by Cheap Whine on Cheap Whine (Drunken Sailor Records)
  36. Frankie by The Courtneys on II (Flying Nun)