Episode 028 - Cosplay

Without any insult to Cosplayers and furries everywhere, you have to admit that watching this dangerous regime could be amusing if it weren't so damn serious. Like watching a comicon cosplay of the white house and the federales.

Just stay strong babies.

Stay strong.



  1. Birth,School,Work,Death by The Godfathers on Birth,School,Work,Death
  2. Love Is Like Oxygen by Sweet on Time-Life AM Gold 1978 (AM1-25)
  3. Long Time by Blondie on Pollinator
  4. Pablo Picasso by The Modern Lovers on No Thanks! (Disc 3) (Rhino)
  5. Diver Blue by 1-800-BAND on CMJ Mixtape: April 2014
  6. I Against I by Bad Brains on I Against I
  7. Destroyer by The Kinks on Give The People What They Want
  8. The Timeline In the Case Against Trump by Keith Olbermann on The Resistance (GQ)
  9. Sky Is A Poisonous Garden by Concrete Blonde on Bloodletting
  10. Quality of Death by Dead Milkmen on The King In Yellow (http://www.filesonic.com/premium-ref/1908511)
  11. Venus In Furs by The Velvet Underground on The Velvet Underground & Nico
  12. I Found That Essence Rare by Gang of Four on 100 Hits: Punk & New Wave, Disc 5 (peaSoup)
  13. Dead Girls by Lushes on CMJ Mixtape - March 2014