@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 29

Bringing you shiny new music to sweep away the cobwebs. Wear headphones.


  1. Inharmonious Slog by Photay on Inharmonious Slog (Astro Nautico)
  2. Disco Baby (Floating Points Rework) by Y. Gershovsky on Disco Baby (Melodies International)
  3. Castle 2 Castle by Benedek on Bene's World (Leaving Records)
  4. S.W.A.T. by Major Grave on Evacuate (Never Ready Records)
  5. You May Find Yourself by 1991 on You May Find Yourself
  6. Pigment (Christian Löffler Rework) by Christian Löffler on Mare Remixes Pt. 2 (Ki Records)
  7. DC Omega by Taron-Trekka on Flying Carpet EP (as usual.music)
  8. Balloon Talk by James Curd on Balloon Talk (Sense Traxx)
  9. Vex by Chelsea Wolfe on Vex (Daymare Recordings)
  10. Planes by Dentia on Ceilings (Unknown)
  11. Hold Time for Day by Jeremy Greenspan & Taraval on Greenspan and Taravel (Geej Recording Inc.)
  12. Travelogue 18: Toast Ohm A Bun by Mordant Music on Travelogue 18: Toast Ohm A Bun (Felt Recordings)
  13. Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild) by Goldie on Inner City Life (London Music Stream)
  14. Bass and Trumpet by Coki on Heights EP (Don't Get It Twisted)
  15. Midnight by Jessie Ware on Midnight (Island Records)
  16. Positioned by Sejva on Couqet (CCC Record´s)
  17. Industrial Valley by Road Hog on Tour de Hog (Road Hog)
  18. Yves by Superpitcher on The Golden Ravedays 7 (Hippie Dance)
  19. Concave 1 by Juan Atkins on Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald Present Borderland: Angles (Tresor Records)
  20. Raw Road (Carlo Lio Remix) by Alex Dolby & Santos on Believe In Music II (Nervous Inc)