Episode 029 - Grand Jury

It's Mueller time, babies. While the head of the Trump crime family is on vacation, we the people have a man fighting for the sanctity of republic. Bob Mueller. He aint no savior, like me, but he's got our back and hell, he looks like Sam the Eagle from the muppets.

Resist. Revolt. Remove.vRock on.



  1. Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell by Iggy & the Stooges on Raw Power
  2. How To Murder A Man (In 3 Acts) by Guided By Voices on How Do You Spell Heaven?
  3. Burnin' for You by Blue Öyster Cult on The Best of Blue Öyster Cult: Don't Fear the Reaper
  4. Doesn't Matter by Kool Stuff Katie on PDX Pop Now! 2017 (PDX Pop Now!)
  5. Die Hard The Hunter by Def Leppard on Pyromania (IMA-Sound)
  6. Sussex by Disco Volante on PDX Pop Now! 2017 (PDX Pop Now!)
  7. Trump’s Threats Are Getting Out of Control by Keith Olbermann on The Resistance (GQ)
  8. Far Gone And Out by The Jesus & Mary Chain on Honey's Dead
  9. Half Dome by Aye Nako on Silver Haze (Don Giovanni)
  10. Skunk (Sonicly Speaking) by MC5 on High Time (1992 remaster)
  11. Tell me You love me by Frank Zappa on Chunga's revenge
  12. Evangaline by Matthew Sweet on Girlfriend