Episode 030 - 38th Parallel

If we ever needed the 25th Amendment, we need it now, babies! Shortfingers may take us to war on the Korean Peninsula. If we do, there will be a march on the capital.

Keep yourselves as safe as you can, jam with me this morning and we'll try to sort some stuff out.



  1. Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam on xxx
  2. Wish by Nine Inch Nails on Broken
  3. Hold Tight by Beaky, Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick & Tich on Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
  4. War Pigs by Faith No More on The Real Thing
  5. Pray For Death by Body Count on Manslaughter
  6. The Truth Of Trump’s “I Alone Can Fix It” Canard by Keith Olbermann on The Resistance (GQ)
  7. School's Out by Alice Cooper on School's Out
  8. (She's So) Selfish by The Knack on Get The Knack
  9. Zwei Mädchen aus Germany by Die Roten Rosen on Never mind the hosen - Heres die Roten Rosen (www.dietotenhosen.de)
  10. Hate & War by The Clash on The Clash
  11. When The Music's Over by The Doors on Strange Days