@Jon_Digital Season 4 - Episode 31

Fresh bleeps and shiny bloops for you to get excited about. Wear headphones.


  1. No Number by Manifesto on Fallout (Unknown)
  2. Guava by Tunnelvisions on Guava (Atomnation)
  3. Jargon by Volruptus on Homeblast EP (bbbbbb recors)
  4. 11317 by Wolf Eyes on Strange Days II (Lower Floor)
  5. Degreelessness by Nathan Fake on Providence (Ninja Tune)
  6. Tiberium by Reso on Kodama (RX0)
  7. Million Faces by Mass Digital on Million Faces (Trapez Ltd)
  8. Concern From Afar by Troy Gunner on Gunner001 (GUNNER)
  9. Bobbie Caris by Clark on Bobbie Caris (Warp)
  10. Devils Theme by Trends on Devils Theme (Hardrive)
  11. Sorcery by Patrice Bäumel on Speicher 98 (Kompakt Extra)
  12. Nobody Else by The Abstract Eye on Cool Warm Divine (Valentine Connexion Records)
  13. The Everyday Push by Photay on Onism (Astro Nautico)
  14. Qwazers by Mr. Fingers on Outer Acid EP (Alleviated Records)
  15. Cleo by Blondes on Warmth (R&S Records)
  16. The Task by Denis Horvat on Lodi EP (AEON)
  17. Caravanaramabar by Christophe! on Futureboogies 50 (Futureboogie Recordings)
  18. Time To Love by Positive Trust on Power On (Unknown)
  19. Landscape (Fred P Reshape) by Satoshi Tomiie on Abstract Nature (Abstract Architecture)