Sonny Ruckus found its identity blending a fresh mix of Hip-Hop, Funk and RnB. Enjoy this ES episode with Kaila, Johnny and Joe sitting in the studio introducing their sound and presenting their next show at Boom Boom Room on 8/17


  1. Magnifico by Sonny Ruckus
  2. Money Money by Sonny Ruckus
  3. Coming to get ya by Sonny Ruckus
  4. Love when you feed me by Kaila Love
  5. Spectacular by Dujeous feat. Sharon Jones on Day In Day Out (Dujeous)
  6. Come Down by Anderson .Paak
  7. How Strong is Your Booty by Mako & Mr Bristow
  8. Break My Heart in 2 by Ancient Astronauts
  9. Soul Kitchen (Dj Inko remix) by The Doors
  10. Meat Machine by Orgone
  11. Underdog (Mr Bristow edit) by Sly & The Family Stone
  12. Um Mês Depois (unreleased) by Sicilian AV Project on Pachamama (Eclectic Electric Recordings)