Abuela's Pantry #39

Within all the chaos you need a break. You need to give yourself air to breath. Sometimes we're so turned over with all that is going on and all that we should do that we just forget to breath. That's okay. Even if it the state of the world is not okay, it's okay for you to give yourself a break. Don't hold it all on your shoulders. Sing along to some odd emo tunes, and give yourself a break.

I love you. You're doing great. Don't listen to Tina Fey. You have to do more. But right now it's okay to just breath. Take care of yourself. I love you.

Space Abuela


  1. Mercy Me by Alkaline Trio on Crimson (Vagrant Records)
  2. Give It Up by Midtown on Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Interscope Records)
  3. Falling in Love Again by Joyce Manor on Never Hungover Again (Epitaph Records)
  4. Never Saw It Coming by Tigers Jaw on Tigers Jaw (Run For Cover Records)
  5. Young and Happy! by Hop Along on Get Disowned (Hot Green)
  6. Sore Subject by P.S. Eliot on Introverted Romance in our Troubled Mind (Salinas Records)
  7. Lipstick by Lemuria on Get Better (Asian Man Records)
  8. You by Slingshot Dakota on Break (Topshelf Records)
  9. Irrational by Swearin' on What a dump (Salinas)
  10. Strawberry by Paul Baribeau on Paul Baribeau (s/r)
  11. Flowers by all dogs on Kicking Every Day (Salinas Records)
  12. Scene Sick by Diet Cig on Over Easy (Father/Daughter)
  13. Novella Ella Ella Eh by Chumped on Teenage Retirement (Anchorless Records)
  14. how to tell her by joyride! on half moon bay (salinas records)
  15. Not Losing Sleep by Thin Lips on Riff Hard (Lame-O-Records)
  16. Anxious Type by Shit Present on Shit Present (Visit http://specialistsubject.bandcamp.com)
  17. nervous by munchie girls on From Caplan To Belsize (From Caplan To Belsize)
  18. You Don't Need to Fit In by The Cut Ups on The Nerves (Household Name Records)
  19. Lord, Beer Me Strength by One Night Stand in North Dakota on Dissatisfactions (Plan-it-X Records)
  20. oh my god by Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass on Baby Steaps
  21. Your Heart Is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist by Ramshackle Glory on Live the Dream (DIY Bandits)
  22. Conkers by Personal Best on The Lovin' EP (Specialist Subject Records)
  23. Existing by Baby Ghosts on Maybe Ghosts (Dirt Cult)
  24. Alley Cat by Benny The Jet Rodriguez on Home. Run (Recess Records)
  25. Bleeding Heart by Katie Ellen on TV Dreams (Lauren Records)
  26. Footscray Station by Camp Cope on Camp Cope/Cayetana 7 (Poison City Records)
  27. Visiting by Pinegrove on Cardinal (Run For Cover)
  28. Heaven by Petal on Shame (Run For Cover Records)
  29. Your Sweetness by Adventures on Supersonic Home (Run For Cover Records)
  30. Their / They're / Therapy by Their / They're / There on Their / They're / There (Polyvinyl Record Company)
  31. Welcome Home by Kittyhawk on Hello, Again (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  32. Tiny Planets by SPORTS on Sunchokes (father/daughter)
  33. Dream Boy by The Prettiots on Funs Cool (Rough Trade)
  34. Damn Damn Leash by Be Your Own Pet on Not Rocket Science (Infinity Cat Recordings)
  35. Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games by of Montreal on The Sunlandic Twins (polyvinyl)
  36. Hella Nervous by Gravy Train!!!! on Hello Doctor (Kill Rock Stars)
  37. no kings by the total bettys on No Kings (Visit http://thetotalbettys.bandcamp.com)
  38. Invisible Monsters by Motion City Soundtrack on Commit This to Memory (Epitaph Records)
  39. clark gable by The Postal Service on Give Up (Sub Pop)
  40. A Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley on The Execution of All Things (Saddle Creek)