transfiguration episode #20


  1. Da Gota Ao Oceano (Peter Power Remix) by Jose Leonidas Jancidakis Arce, Mauricio Sprovieri & Renato Tupy on Awake Into Life
  2. Veveve Tagaro A Gobio by George Boe on La Planète Bleue Volume 9
  3. Nomads in the Night (Solo Flute) by Aïwa on Underscores (Parigo No. 18)
  4. Prostituta Sagrada by Jocy de Oliveira Inori on À Prostituta Sagrada
  5. Forest of Doshi by Asian Psilocybe Foundation on Water Vein
  6. Los Pabellones De Los Sentidos by Luis Delgado on Vathek
  7. Melt by Bambooman on Whispers
  8. Temporada de Lluvias by El Búho on Chinampa
  9. Wonderful Sushi by Throwing Shade on Beating Heart - South Africa Vol. 3
  10. Agua (Populous Remix) by Rio Mira on Agua
  11. Aura (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix) by Andrés Oddone on Aura
  12. Calango Fumando Palha (Lunar Version) by Thomash on Culti Kush
  13. Qoychuquy by Psilosamples on Sonidos Raíces del Perú
  14. Tula Mutwana by Thor Rixon on Beating Heart - South Africa Vol. 3
  15. Chikungunya by Rio Mira on Marimba del Pacífico
  16. Woodrum by Hi & Saberhägen on Acid Finger
  17. Lyra by Southern Shores on Loja
  18. God Fire by The Newcomer on Earth Motivation
  19. Today (feat. Sui Zhen) by Tornado Wallace on Lonely Planet
  20. Ocean Park (feat. Just Tony) by Benedek on Bene's World
  21. Young Bird by Tell on Tell
  22. Virile by The Blaze on Virile
  23. The Everyday Push by Photay on Onism
  24. Highway of Love (Kauf Remix) by David Douglas on Spectators of the Universe (The Remixes)
  25. Mia Negrita (feat. Felipe Gordon) by Black Loops on Jockey Jams No. 2
  26. Steak Fingers (Rimbaudian Orchestral Remix) by Shadow Child on Reconnected
  27. Time to Love by Primitive Trust on Power On
  28. Love Me Again (feat. Anna Calvi) [FYI Chris Remix] by The Invisible on Patience (Remixes)
  29. I Cried Last Night by DJ Windows XP on I Cried Last Night / Do You Ever
  30. Knowledge by Gacha Bakradze on We Must Be Woods