Allegra Lucas

San Francisco based psychotherapist Allegra Lucas, MFT and I discuss relationships, therapy for people of color, Charlottesville, and white supremacy. 


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  1. Avril 14th by Aphex Twin on Drukqs (Warp) $ Buy
  2. Crickets by Air on Twentyears (Parlophone) $ Buy
  3. Don't Touch My Hair by Solange on A Seat at the Table (Saint Records/Columbia) $ Buy
  4. Succexy by Metric on Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (Last Gang Records) $ Buy
  5. Lost in Boxes by My Side Project on My Side Project (None) $ Buy
  6. Indecision by Sampha on Process (Young Turks) $ Buy
  7. From a Cage by Haley Bonar on Last War (Memphis Industries) $ Buy
  8. The Love Life of the Octopus by Yo La Tengo on The Sounds of the Sounds of Silence (Matador Records) $ Buy
  9. Unemployed Black Astronaut by Busdriver on Fear of a Black Tangent (Mush) $ Buy