A Thick Mist (September 4, 2017)

This was a total mess of a show. I forgot my headphones. One of the turntables wasn't working, which I used twice before noticing. The batteries on one of my Korgs died. Made it through mostly unscathed, though, with some surprisingly excellent moments, like the Deceh/Huxley section and basically the entire closing half hour.


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  1. Lesson 18 by No artist on Conversa-Phone's Round-The-World - Swahili: Language Record Course (Conversa-Phone) $ Buy
  2. The Monad Of Creation by Mournful Congregation on The Monad Of Creation (Osmose Productions) $ Buy
  3. Berovka by Supelka & Tapan on Macedonian Folk Dances Volume II (Folkraft) $ Buy
  4. Evening Raga: Rag Piloo by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan & Pandit Chatur Lal on Music Of India: Morning And Evening Rāgas (Angel) $ Buy
  5. Lake Tear Of The Clouds, Mt. Marcy - The Source, Elevation 4,322 Feet June 19, 1982 At 2:00 PM / Feldspar Brook, Mt. Marcy - The Highest Tributary June 5, 1982 At 12:00 Noon / Calamity Brook, by Annea Lockwood on A Sound Map Of The Hudson River (Lovely Music) $ Buy
  6. Marksville Blues by Blind Uncle Gaspard on Let Me Play This For You: Rare Cajun Recordings (Tompkins Square) $ Buy
  7. Metamatic Ritual by Alan Watts on This Is It (Numero) $ Buy
  8. Evel Speaks To The Kids (excerpt) by Evel Knievel on Evel Speaks To The Kids (Tin Toy) $ Buy
  9. Side a by Deceh on Deceh (Important) $ Buy
  10. Would You Say Something About The Process That Took You To Unorthodox Religion? / Surely Zen Is Inward Turning? / What Part Has The Supernatural In Your Life? / Symbols by Aldous Huxley on Speaking Personally... Aldous Huxley (Artifact) $ Buy
  11. Cicada by Rhucle on Fantastic Garden (Constellation Tatsu) $ Buy
  12. The Mystery Of Heaven (Long Version) by Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch on The Mystery Of Heaven (Sacred Bones) $ Buy
  13. Ronda Tropical by Los Destellos on Latinamericarpet: Exploring The Vinyl Warp Of Latin American Psychedelia, Volume 1 (Sublime Frequencies) $ Buy
  14. The Last Words Of Copernicus by United Sacred Harp Singers on United Sacred Harp Convention - The Alan Lomax Recordings, 1959 (Mississippi) $ Buy
  15. Border Passage by Joe Clark on Throw Me In The Susquehanna (Glowing Window) $ Buy
  16. Three Note Oddity by The Conet Project on Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations (Irdial) $ Buy
  17. N'Guni Tribal Song by N'Guni musicians on The Naked Prey (Folkways) $ Buy
  18. Diving Deeper, Remembering Love by Joanna Brouk on Hearing Music (Numero) $ Buy
  19. Untitled (B1) by Good Stuff House on Good Stuff House (Holodeck) $ Buy
  20. Borbangnadyr With Steam Water by Anatoli Kuular on Tuva, Among The Spirits: Sound, Music, And Nature In Sakha And Tuva (Folkways) $ Buy
  21. Facing The Sun by Helen Money on Become Zero (Thrill Jockey) $ Buy