A Thick Mist (September 4, 2017)

This was a total mess of a show. I forgot my headphones. One of the turntables wasn't working, which I used twice before noticing. The batteries on one of my Korgs died. Made it through mostly unscathed, though, with some surprisingly excellent moments, like the Deceh/Huxley section and basically the entire closing half hour.


  1. Lesson 18 by No artist on Conversa-Phone's Round-The-World - Swahili: Language Record Course (Conversa-Phone)
  2. The Monad Of Creation by Mournful Congregation on The Monad Of Creation (Osmose Productions)
  3. Berovka by Supelka & Tapan on Macedonian Folk Dances Volume II (Folkraft)
  4. Evening Raga: Rag Piloo by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan & Pandit Chatur Lal on Music Of India: Morning And Evening Rāgas (Angel)
  5. Lake Tear Of The Clouds, Mt. Marcy - The Source, Elevation 4,322 Feet June 19, 1982 At 2:00 PM / Feldspar Brook, Mt. Marcy - The Highest Tributary June 5, 1982 At 12:00 Noon / Calamity Brook, by Annea Lockwood on A Sound Map Of The Hudson River (Lovely Music)
  6. Marksville Blues by Blind Uncle Gaspard on Let Me Play This For You: Rare Cajun Recordings (Tompkins Square)
  7. Metamatic Ritual by Alan Watts on This Is It (Numero)
  8. Evel Speaks To The Kids (excerpt) by Evel Knievel on Evel Speaks To The Kids (Tin Toy)
  9. Side a by Deceh on Deceh (Important)
  10. Would You Say Something About The Process That Took You To Unorthodox Religion? / Surely Zen Is Inward Turning? / What Part Has The Supernatural In Your Life? / Symbols by Aldous Huxley on Speaking Personally... Aldous Huxley (Artifact)
  11. Cicada by Rhucle on Fantastic Garden (Constellation Tatsu)
  12. The Mystery Of Heaven (Long Version) by Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch on The Mystery Of Heaven (Sacred Bones)
  13. Ronda Tropical by Los Destellos on Latinamericarpet: Exploring The Vinyl Warp Of Latin American Psychedelia, Volume 1 (Sublime Frequencies)
  14. The Last Words Of Copernicus by United Sacred Harp Singers on United Sacred Harp Convention - The Alan Lomax Recordings, 1959 (Mississippi)
  15. Border Passage by Joe Clark on Throw Me In The Susquehanna (Glowing Window)
  16. Three Note Oddity by The Conet Project on Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations (Irdial)
  17. N'Guni Tribal Song by N'Guni musicians on The Naked Prey (Folkways)
  18. Diving Deeper, Remembering Love by Joanna Brouk on Hearing Music (Numero)
  19. Untitled (B1) by Good Stuff House on Good Stuff House (Holodeck)
  20. Borbangnadyr With Steam Water by Anatoli Kuular on Tuva, Among The Spirits: Sound, Music, And Nature In Sakha And Tuva (Folkways)
  21. Facing The Sun by Helen Money on Become Zero (Thrill Jockey)