Joanna Gruesome, alchemy, L.A. WITCH, letters from the devil, Sonic Youth, eclipse monsters


  1. Good Luck Bad Luck by Susanne Sundfør on Music For People In Trouble (Sonnet Sound)
  2. De Tre Piker by Myrkur on De Tre Piker (Relapse Records)
  3. The Culling by Chelsea Wolfe on The Culling (Sargent House)
  4. You Love Nothing by L.A. WITCH on L.A. WITCH (Suicide Squeeze)
  5. Dog Years by Daddy Issues on Deep Dream (Infinity Cat)
  6. Wussy Void by Joanna Gruesome on Weird Sister (Slumberland)
  7. Nurse Ratched by Cherry Glazerr on Apocalipstick (Secretly Canadian)
  8. Understanding Light by Florist on Understanding Light (Double Double Whammy)
  9. Crescent by BONZIE on Zone on Nine (Nina Ferraro)
  10. Dreams Tonite by Alvvays on Antisocialites (Polyvinyl)
  11. Bad Dream/No Looking Back by SYD on Always Never Home (The Internet)
  12. Her Daily Black by Lali Puna on Two Windows (Morr Music)
  13. Bad Dreams/No Looking Back by Syd on FIN (The Internet)
  14. In the Meantime by KING on We Are KING (KING CREATIVE)
  15. Such a Gemini by Faith Healer on Try ;-) (Mint Records)
  16. Host Body by Chad VanGaalen on Light Information (Sub Pop)
  17. Shoot by Sonic Youth on Dirty (DGC Records)
  18. Paper Mache by Iris Lune on Paper Mache (Iris Lune)
  19. The Combine by John Maus on The Combine (Ribbon Music)
  20. Polaar by Maud Geffray on Polaar (Pan European Recording)