Businesswoman Special: Emily Sevin Edition


  1. A Human Living Girl by The Regrettes on Feel Your Feelings Fool! (Warner)
  2. Verona by Geographer on -- (--)
  3. What Is All the Rage? by The Sam Chase & the Untraditional (-)
  4. Astral Plane by Valerie June on Astral Plane (June Tunes)
  5. Chris Bell by M. Lockwood Porter on 27 (-)
  6. Tinseltown Swimming in Blood by Destroyer on -- (-)
  7. The Walls of Michigan by Avi Vinocur on No Cause For Alarm (-)
  8. Bus in These Streets by Thundercat (Brainfeeder)
  9. Boredom by Tyler the Creator (-)
  10. Blues Run The Game by Jackson C Frank on Blues Run The Game ( Sanctuary)
  11. How Does It Make You Feel? by Once & Future Band on Once & Future Band (Castle Face Records)
  12. Hammond Song by The Roches on The Roches (Warner Brothers)
  13. 90s Kids by Shamir (-)
  14. Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn by Bobby Bare Jr. (-)
  15. Mr. Mastodon Farm by Cake (-)
  16. Real Love by Mary J. Blige (-)
  17. Gonna Get Along With You Now by Skeeter Davis (-)