1. Supertoys by Autolux on Transit Transit (TBD)
  2. Endless Days by By The Sea on Endless Days, Crystal Sky (War Room)
  3. Crooked by Kristin Hersh on Crooked (Kristin Hersh)
  4. Brennur Stjarna by Samaris on Silkidrangar (One Little India)
  5. I Saw You by Beach Vacation on I Saw You (Beach Vacation)
  6. Silence Is A Gun by The Mary Onettes on Portico: (Labrador)
  7. East Coast by Life Model on Come Around (Viscerality)
  8. The Hunt by AKW on To Be Alive (AKW)
  9. Sugar by 2:54 on 2:54 (Fat Possum)
  10. Forest/Shore by Deaf Club on Lull (Deaf Club)
  11. Atmosphere by Joy Division on Atmosphere (Factory)
  12. Stay by Seasurfer on Dive In (Saint Marie)
  13. Sleep Patterns by Memoryhouse on The Years (Sub Pop)
  14. Out Of My League by Electronic on Raise The Pressure (Warner Bros)
  15. The Boy From Outer Space by The Hobbes Fanclub on Up At Lagrange (Shelflife)
  16. Adora Skyline by Stumbleine on Infinite Overcast (Stumbleine)
  17. The Ink In The Well by David Sylvian on Brilliant Trees (Virgin)
  18. Night Escape by The New Division on Night Escape (Division 87)
  19. Velveteen by Venera 4 on Velveteen (Requiem Pour Un Twister)
  20. Medicine by Daughter on The Wild Youth (Communion)
  21. Dreams Burn Down by Ride on Nowhere (Creation)
  22. Between Bodies by Leave The Planet on Between Bodies (Leave The Planet)
  23. Give Me Your Love by The Fauns on Lights (Invada)
  24. She Leaves by Flyying Colours on Flyying Colours (Shelflife)
  25. Mizake The Mizan by Cocteau Twins on Iceblink Luck (4AD)
  26. Goodbye by The Royal Landscaping Society on The Royal Landscaping Society (Beko)
  27. Fields, Shorelines and Hunters by M83 on Before The Dawn Heals Us (Mute)