LOUD & Local w/ Lenny Kiser (Dirtybird, Laser Native) (Copy)

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Ryan chats with break-out Bay Area DJ/Producer, Lenny Kiser. Then Lenny takes over for a special guest DJ set!

Kiser just landed a remix on Justin Martin's (Dirtybird) acclaimed Hello Clouds remix album and is well known for his hit "Mmm, Hungry," released via Laser Native. As a certified Ableton professional, Kiser also instructs Ableton classes of varying skill levels. 

This week, we'll be talking about Kiser's production process, tips of the trade, and getting in with the Dirtybird crew.

>>>Track list during intro & the banter<<<

"Scary Things" - Sebo

"I Need You More" - Sebestian Leger, Laura Barrick

"Like A Proper Star" - Davina Moss

"Jima" (Solee Remix) - Ryan Davix, Solee

"Creatures" - Kyle Watson

"Oh Yeah" (Booka Shade Remix) - Yello, Booka Shade

"What" - 2Elements

"You're The One" (Matthias Vogt Dub) - Mastercris, Kathy Diamond, Matthias Vogt

"Phoenix" - Martin Roth, Marymoon

"Move Your Bone" - DJ Glen

"Concluded" (Michael Levan & Stiven Rivic Remix) - Andre Sobota

Track Listing

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