transfiguration #27


  1. Forced Endeavours Never More by Ian Hawgood on Forced Endeavours Never More
  2. Doggerland by Ekolali on Plafond 1
  3. The Same River Once by Rapoon on Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983-2017)
  4. Birds of North America by Time Wharp on Feel No Pain
  5. Brume de surface by Canada Effervescent on Crystalline
  6. Part One by The Chi Factory on The Bamboo Recordings
  7. Music for Forests by Len Leise on Music for Forests
  8. Da Terra by TYV on Miau!
  9. Data Orb by Waterpark on Data Orb / Nessie's Revenge
  10. B2. Warm by Trislar on "Untitled EP"