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Every year disc jockeys feel obligated to dig out the Halloween related music.  It's the same stuff every year, and frankly it's getting a little boring.  So I've decided instead of sounding like an "I Heart Radio" clone, Saturday Soul Salvation is having a Costume Party in the House of the Lorde.

This week we are dressing up like a 1960's radio station, playing the music you would have heard during that era.  I'm also playing some old radio commercials for beer and cigarettes illegal on today's airwaves.

Be sure to dig the promos for Radio Caroline.  Radio Caroline was the ship anchored in international waters off the coast of England, beaming rock into the UK, as it was illegal to play on British radio.  This rock and roll vessel was outfitted with a huge AM transmitter and was the UK's number one radio station for a time in the 1960's.

So sit back, light up and turn on to the sounds of 60's radio this week on Saturday Soul Salvation in the House of the Lorde.  No cheesy Halloween music necessary.  I'll bring the costume.

Peter Lorde

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