Tuff Signals 167


  1. No Known Drink or Drug by Japandroids on Near to the Wild Heart of Life (Polyvinyl)
  2. Sight Unseen by Cloud Nothings on Life Without Sound (Carpark Records)
  3. My Children by Protomartyr on Relatives in Descent (Domino)
  4. Blame by Bully on Losing (Sup Pop)
  5. Not What You Need by Leggy on Not What You Need (Self Released)
  6. Leave by Monster Treasure on II (Leisure and District)
  7. Camera by Hard Girls (Self Released)
  8. In A Room by Gad Whip on In A Room (ever / never)
  9. Skull Dub by Guerilla Toss on Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss (Bokeh Versions)
  10. 54/40 or Fight by Black Planet on MILD DISCOMFORT (Self Released)
  11. found me by Flesh Panthers on ohwells (Self Released)
  12. Clever Girl by Fox Face on Spoil + Destroy (Dirtnap Records)
  13. Any1 But U by The Village Bicycle on Terraforma (Self Released)
  14. La Niña Winter by Gal Gun on Special Music of Emotion (Dumpster Tapes)
  15. From Your Shadow by Monica LaPlante on Noir (Self Released)
  16. The Fool by OCS on st (CastleFace Records)
  17. Divine by Chill Phil on Put A Stake Thru My Heart (Self Released)
  18. I'm A Witch by The Exbats on I'm A Witch (Self Released)
  19. Wheel by Sex Tourists on Sex Tourists (Paradise Daily Records)
  20. Mechanical Bull by Stella Donnelly on Thrush Metal (Healthy Tapes)
  21. Cooking by Vacation on Cooking (Self Released)
  22. Average Star by The Missed on S/T (Quality Time Records)
  23. Nobody Cares Anymore by The Safes on Tasty Waves (Hidden Volume Records)
  24. Out Of Mind by The Whiffs on Take A Whiff! (HoZac Records)
  25. A Little Change by Cheap Whine on Cheap Whine (Drunken Sailor Records)
  26. Ears and Eyes by Audacity on Mellow Crooners (Recess Records)
  27. Queer for the Summer by Colour Me Wednesday on Queer for the Summer (Self Released)
  28. Let's Make Out by Dream Wife on Dream Wife (Lucky Number)
  29. Muscle Dogs by Rank/Xerox on Mass Transit Mongo (Self Released)
  30. Never Digas Never by Los Nastys on Noche De Fant (Self Released)
  31. Up and Down by Wavves on Culture Abuse (Self Released)
  32. Lie Again by The She's on all female rock and roll quartet (Empty Cellar Records)