full beaver moon

// with cover art by shayna yasuhara

a public dialogue between bell hooks & laverne cox hosted by eugene lang college of liberal arts, 2014.

rep. maxine waters reclaiming her time, 2017.

audre lorde giving advice to friends from bed in 1992. from the special features of the documentary "Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992" (www.audrelorde-theberlinyears.com).

angela davis speaking at the missouri theater, 2017.

a pep talk from amber wagner (instagram @jstlbby), 2017.

the intro to patti smith's, "Hey Joe", sire records, 1977.

"how to look good for school and dates!", 1940's (youtu.be/4kURqs8BWxc).

eartha kitt on love and compromise from the 1982 documentary, "All By Myself: The Eartha Kitt Story".

uma therman speaking to access hollywood about sexual harassment, 2017.

"bad habits and how to change them", 1950's (youtu.be/VvpcPwDNy8I)

patti smith performs for Democracy Now's 20th anniversary, December 2016


  1. o superman (for massenet) by laurie anderson on o superman (warner bros)
  2. IRM by charlotte gainsbourg on IRM (new elektra)
  3. the homeless wanderer by tsegué-maryam guèbrou on ethiopiques 21 (buda musique)
  4. i'll call u back by erykah badu on but you caint use my phone (control freaq / motown)
  5. journey to satchidananda by alice coltrane on the ecstatic music of alice coltrane (luakabop)
  6. the eighth wave by suzanne ciani on the velocity of love (rca)
  7. dream life/ doors locked by VUM on cryptocrystalline (secret lodge recordings)