Waxing Satellite .❍. Radio Show #23 (231214 .❍. 6115)

"Once stolen by the void in the depths of late December two thousand and fourteen... this is time travelling Waxing Satellite .❍. Radio Show... The holidays are extended, and we're with you now... Hold tight, and enjoy yourself..."

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Thank you very much for listening, we hope you enjoy your time...

- WS.❍.


  1. Power Of Music by Bongoloverz Featuring An-Tonic on Power Of Music (Soulfuric Trax)
  2. Koko Dance by Tony Allen on Film Of Life (Jazz Village)
  3. WE$ WE$ (feat. MC Ayatola) by Kalimist K Boog on Kalimist K Boog (Raw Tapes)
  4. Rico Suave by Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band on Bacao Suave b/w Round & Round (Plane Jane Records)
  5. Light Blue by Bobby Darin on Country Funk 1969-1975 (Light in the Attic)
  6. Homewards by Mndsgn on Yawn Zen (Stones Throw)
  7. My Body by Warm on Low Frequency Dude (He's A) (Independent)
  8. Let's Get Brutal by Nitro Deluxe on Let's Get Brutal (Cooltempo)
  9. Soul Tan by Chaz Bundick & Vinyl Williams on Trance Zen Dental Space (Independent/BitTorrent(?))
  10. Journey In Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane (featuring Pharoah Sanders) on Journey in Satchidananda (Impulse!)
  11. No Stranger by Queens D.Light on California Wildflower (Independent)
  12. Let's Dance The Jet by Deerhoof on Deerhoof (Flying Nun)
  13. Stepping Into Tomorrow by Madlib on Shades Of Blue (Blue Note)
  14. I'm Waiting For The Man by David Bowie on Bowie at the Beeb (BBC)
  15. Free Love by Cornershop on Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast (Ample Play)
  16. Christmassmoke by Greenfog on From Me To You: "He was fat as hell, wearing a lot of red" (From Me To You)
  17. Break
  18. Casbah by The Krontjong Devils on Romp Out! (Hillsdale)
  19. Inner Circle by Frowning Clouds on Legalise Everything (Rice Is Nice)
  20. Queen by Ahk on Flying High (Mixtape) (Butter Made)
  21. Cryptograms by Deerhunter on Cryptograms (Kranky Records)