cheetle radio 11.10.2017...w/ special guests...sea witches!!

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The rad-a-dad babes of Sea Witch Productions join Cheetle Radio for a ratty, rockin' time. This super hip duo has put on a million shows across the Bay with killer cats we all like to jam on--Babe Rainbow, Frankie & The Witchfingers, Sugar Candy Mountain, Cool Ghouls, Cellar Doors, Acid Tongue, The Tambo Rays, Delta Spirit, The Black Angels--OMG we could go on foreverrrrr. 

Tonight we're skippin' over to Thee Parkside with the Witches to check out Angelica Rockne's album release, along with Cool Ghouls, Mount Vision, and whisky shots and vegggie burgers and tots swimming in hot sauce. It's bound to be a satisfactory evening for all the senses. 

Sea Witch also puts out a feminist-punch-em-in-the-crotch kinda zine that will no doubt shed your tears and engorge your biceps with the power of a thousand badass babes. Pick it up and pass it on. 

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