A Thick Mist (November 20, 2017)

Back from a couple weeks off, sorry. That just means lots of new shit this time, though. Tossed in a few techno-leaning jams this time.

Due to its power, I try not to wield the seashells record often, so this is the first time I’ve busted it out for A Thick Mist. In case you need to hear the whole thing, I ripped it a while ago, which you can download here.

Also, if you only buy one drone record in the next few months, definitely make it Olli Aarni’s Nielu.


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  1. Meeting by NHK yx Koyxen on Exit Entrance (DFA) $ Buy
  2. Hehkuva Tuuli by Olli Aarni on Nielu (Florabelle) $ Buy
  3. Side B (excerpt) by R. Tucker Abbott on Pronouncing The Scientific Names Of Seashells Of North America (Delaware Museum Of Natural History) $ Buy
  4. Pain/Power by City on A Goal Is An Image (Halcyon Veil) $ Buy
  5. The Old Ones Are With Us by Wolves In The Throne Room on Thrice Woven (Artemesia) $ Buy
  6. Very Lonesome Blues by Lonnie Johnson on Lonnie Johnson 1926-1940 (RST) $ Buy
  7. Beansidhe by Áine O'Dwyer on Gallarais (MIE) $ Buy
  8. Concert In The Haunted Palace: Rag Yamani by Ustad Vilayat Khan on The Guru Score (RCA Victor) $ Buy
  9. Skin 1 by Emptyset on Skin (Thrill Jockey) $ Buy
  10. Ashanti by Hexis on Tando Ashanti (Alerta Antifascista / Halo Of Flies) $ Buy
  11. Ritual Geometry / Sympathetic Bodies by Byron Westbrook on Body Consonance (Hands In The Dark) $ Buy
  12. The Beginning Of The Armadillos by Boris Karloff on More Of Kipling's Just So Stories (Caedmon) $ Buy
  13. Au Point Du Jour (excerpt) by Elodie on Vieux Silence (Ideologic Organ) $ Buy
  14. How Now by Philip Glass on How Now Strung Out (Orange Mountain Music) $ Buy
  15. Variations In Heart Murmurs (excerpt) / Congenital Heart Murmurs (excerpt) by Stephen Ettinger on Canine Heart Sounds (EVSCO) $ Buy
  16. At The House Of The Deceased by Peliang musicians on The Gamelan Of The Walking Warriors: Gamelan Beleganjur And The Music Of The Ngaben Funerary Ritual In Bali (Akuphone) $ Buy
  17. Haunted House Blues by Mance Lipscomb on Mance Lipscomb Vol. 5 (Arhoolie) $ Buy