cheetle radio 11.17.17...scorpios say heyyyyyy

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tonight we will bathe in tunes that are a bit heavy on the sleepy psych side of the bed and some late 60s influences that deserve all the pets. 

side note: cheetle amber's bday is right around the weekend let's take a look at the moon charts, shall we?

for cheetle scorpios:

No holding back today, Scorpio. With Mars in cahoots with the moon, you’ll trade your mysterious aura for unapologetic swag. You’re quite the influencer, so direct some of that energy towards a powerful purpose. Try adding a pop color to your sea of signature black.

for those gemini cheetles:

Mission Impossible? Hardly so. Today’s moon-Mars trine gives you the fuel to tackle an ambitious project. While there’s definitely grunt work involved, who’s to say that you alone have to be the one to do it? Outsource where you can or gather a team to help you. It's all about who you know!

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