I Rock I Roll Radio 11/20/17: Pre Tryptophan Jams

Before you put on your real good stretchy pants for the season, catch two hours of the best new tunes with Nora.


  1. Oh Baby by LCD Soundsystem on american dream (Columbia Records)
  2. Hard To Be A God by Health x NoLife on Hard To Be A God (Loma Vista)
  3. I Feel Like I'm Drowning by Two Feet on I Feel Like I'm Drowning (Republic Records)
  4. Pineapple Skies by Miguel on War & Leisure (RCA Records)
  5. Morning Velvet Sky by Gulp on Morning Velvet Sky (E.L.K. Records)
  6. The Hanging Gardens by Pinkshinyultrablast on The Hanging Gardens (Club AC30)
  7. Rest by Hater on Red Blinders (PNKSLM)
  8. High Beam by Sjowgren on High Beam (Long Time Friend Discount Records)
  9. Easy Raider by Pomona Dream on Easy Raider (Mango Disco Records)
  10. The Edge Of My Land by Sapphire Slows on Time (Kaleidoscope)
  11. Sometimes by Hypoluxe on Taste Buds EP (Broken Circles)
  12. Complex by Slowcoaches on Complex (Leisure & District)
  13. Born To Ride by Whispertown on I'm A Man (Graveface Records)
  14. Wished by Sorry on Wished (Domino Records)
  15. Late by Hovvdy on Cranberry (Double Double Whammy)
  16. The Opener by Camp Cope on The Opener (Run For Cover / Poison City Records)
  17. Try by Faith Healer on Try :-) (Mint Records)
  18. Sea Of Blood by Palehound on YMCA Pool 7 (Saddle Creek)
  19. Moon Barks At The Dog by Saintseneca on Moon Barks At The Dog (Anti-Records)
  20. Emotion by Curls on Vante EP (Urban Scandal)
  21. Cooks by Still Woozy on Cook (Self Released)
  22. Later by Cones on Dangerbird Microdose Series (Dangerbird Records)
  23. Favorite Transgressions by Sleigh Bells on Kid Kruschev (Torn Clean)
  24. Truth Hurts by Lizzo on Truth Hurts (Atlantic Records)
  25. Black Widow by Loma on Loma (Sub Pop)
  26. We'll Be Fine by Clicks on We'll Be Fine (Self Released)