all things stuffed


  1. Om part 1 by John Coltrane on Om (impulse)
  2. Rama Guru by alice coltrane on the ecstatic music of Alice Coltrane (luakabop)
  3. super golden black sun child by beck on goldenn feelings (S/R)
  4. soultrane by Elvin Jones on Mr. Jones (blue note)
  5. kujichagalia by M'boom on M'boom (columbia)
  6. black cow by steely dan on Aja (ABC)
  7. pauletta by Al foster on mixed roots (japan)
  8. heartland feeling by beck on golden feelings (S/R)
  9. what I say by miles Davis on Live Evil (Columbia)
  10. rhythm of the falling rain by cascades on rhythm of the falling rain (vallient)
  11. el ceilo verde by al foster on mixed roots (japan)
  12. the raimaker by sun ra on when the sun comes out (el saturn)
  13. dancing shadows by sun ra and his arkestra on nothing is (get back)
  14. illusion by norma tanega on I dont think it would hurt if you smiled (RCA)
  15. purplehiss by purling hiss on purling hiss (permanent records)