Episode 037 - Our Man in Istanbul

Flynn, Flynn junior. Both of those outlaws are in deep with the Russia investigation and now we know that Flynn Sr. is most likely flipping on his ex boss, one Donald J Trump.  This week is a good show based on what General Mike Flynn knows about collusion, obstruction and other felonius activities. That good dose of rock to keep you woke is also included for one low price of listening to Foxx for his 60 minutes of stuff.

Keep the faith;



  1. Touch Too Much by AC/DC on Highway To Hell
  2. Stalingrad Stumpfsin by AG-53 on A Reference to Female Fronted Punk Bands 1977-1984
  3. The Fourth Colour by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on Ploygonwanaland
  4. I Bury the Living by Morrissey on xxx
  5. Modern Man by Black Flag on Loose Nut (SST)
  6. Trump is Finished by Keith Olberman on The Resistance (GQ)
  7. Re-Ignition by Bad Brains on XXX
  8. White Salsa by Surf Rock Is Dead on We Have No Friends? (Native Sound)
  9. Atomic no. 10 by The Luxembourg Signal on The Luxembourg Signal
  10. Losss by Bjork on xxx