full cold moon


chorus of radio waves within earth's atmosphere - nasa

"it's about time" tv series intro, 1966

i feel fantastic

mooji talking about a lack of inner space, 2011

message from space trailer, 1978

"first contact" written by murray leinster & aired on X minus one on october 6, 1955

recording from a flower rave, 2017

//cover art by shayna yasuhara


  1. wheel by visible cloaks on lex (rvng)
  2. paradisia by bjork on utopia (one little indian)
  3. déjà vu by mort garson on ataraxia: the unexplained (electronic musical impressions of the occult) (rca)
  4. b u by okzharp & manthe ribane on tell your vision (hyperdub)
  5. géminis by ivy meadows on zodiac (moon glyph)
  6. the remote viewer by ocs on memory of a cut off head (castle face)
  7. three orbs of plant X by treasure hunt on space jam (moon glyph)
  8. dance pm by hiroshi yoshimura on music for nine postcards (empire of signs)