Altered Images #64 12/06/2017


  1. Sketch For Summer by Durutti Column on Return Of The Durutti Column (Factory)
  2. Land Of Hunger (Extended Version) by The Earons (Island)
  3. Down In the Park by Tubeway Army on Replicas
  4. Black & White by INXS on Dekadance (Atco)
  5. Black & White by INXS on Dekadance (Atco)
  6. It's My Life by Talk Talk on 12 (EMI)
  7. Careless Love by Humpe + Humpe on So 80s (Soundcolours)
  8. Reap The Wild Wind by Ultravox on Quartet (Chrysalis)
  9. Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung on Points on the Curve (Geffen)
  10. Hide And Seek (Long Version) by Howard Jones on 12'' 80s Chilled (umg)
  11. Long Hot Summer by Style Council on Introducing The (Geffen)
  12. Dazzle by Siouxsie and The Banshees on TInderbox (Geffen)
  13. Doot-Doot (12 by Freur on Doot-Doot (Epic)