Dec 9


  1. Dream State (Brighter Night) by Son Lux on Dream State (Brighter Night) (City Slang)
  2. Don't You Think I'm Funny Anymore by Dougie Poole on Wideass Highway (JMC Aggregate)
  3. The Crossing by Golden Fable on The Crossing (Full of Joy)
  4. Escape by Somehow on Hidden Memories (Erwan Pépiot)
  5. For All The Bears by Wasuremono on For All The Bears (Self Released)
  6. Postcard by Mammoth Penguins on Hide and Seek (Fortuna Pop!)
  7. Smoke and Mirrors by Small Feet on Dreaming The Dream EP (Barsuk)
  8. Fa Fa Fa Fired by Ryan Oxford on Fa Fa Fa Fired (Mama Bird Recording Co.)
  9. Reynirinn by Snorri Hegalson on Margt býr í þokunni (N / A)
  10. Christmas Single (Call Me) by The Perfect English Weather on Isobar Blues (Matinee)
  11. My Brain on Love by Young Dreams on My Brain on Love (Blanca Records)
  12. Rest by Hater on Rest (Fire Records)
  13. Love in Stereo Sound by No Middle Name on Fondness (Self Released)
  14. With A Little Help by Sunbathe on Sunbathe (Hilton House)
  15. My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing by The School on My Arms, They Feel Like Nothing (Elefant)
  16. If You Want My Heart by Amber Coffman on If You Want My Heart (Columbia)