transfiguration #34


  1. Born by IVVVO on Prince of Grunge
  2. Leitmotif I by AtomTM & Lisokot on Walzerzyklus
  3. Delirium by J.G. Biberkopf on Fountain of Meaning
  4. Il fiume di ferro by Tomaga on Memory in Vivo Exposure
  5. Cup & Ring Cycle by Other Lands on Mac-Talla Nan Creag
  6. The Ridge to Catequil by Thunder Tillman on Night School of Universal Wisdom
  7. Las Mujeres Passione by Jon Keleihor on Schleißen 8
  8. Brazili by RAMZi on Pèze-Piton
  9. Fruit Punch by Walter Ego on Tales from the Darkside, Vol. 2 (Bassline & UKG from the Archive)
  10. 10. Chamegei (Kiko Navaro Re-Edit) by Thornato on Inside The Dance Vol. 3, Selected & Mixed by Kiko Navarro
  11. Stars for Jorge by Len Leise on Len Leise Edits
  12. Human Emotion (TV Dub) by Jex Opolis on Human Emotion
  13. New Age by E Davd on Star Sign
  14. Velvet Rope by X-Coast / DJ Boring on Yucatan Channel
  15. ¶¶¶ by Thought Tempo on ¶¶¶
  16. Out Of Time by Mall Grab on I'll Be In Paris On Sunday If You're About?
  18. Inside Out by DJ Psychiatre on Delirium
  19. Too Late for U and M1 by DJ Seinfeld on Time Spent Away From U
  20. Insecurity by Raär on Wheel Of Fortune
  21. Not Sure What To Do (Variation Zoning 4) by Octo Octa on Silk To Dry The Tears
  22. How Beautiful Your Lies Are by Rimbaudian
  23. Newport by Subjoi
  24. About To Get Laze by Complete Walkthru on My Friend Right Here
  25. Fizzy Pinballs by Forriner on Goodnight / Fizzy Pinballs