Tuff Signals 171


  1. Visions by Strange Lovelies on Strange Lovelies (Self Released)
  2. Ride Home by Glum on Glum (Self Released)
  3. Dragons Tail by Saylavees on Dark Line Singe (Self Released)
  4. Filled with Hate by The Lovebirds on Filled with Hate (Empty Cellar Records)
  5. Love Hangover by Charlie Reed (Randy Records)
  6. The Static God by Oh Sees on Orc (CastleFace)
  7. Heartache by The She's on all female rock and roll quartet (Empty Cellar)
  8. Triple Threat by Squishers on Too Damn Careless (Self Released)
  9. Heart Still Beats by CASTLEBEAT on Heart Still Beats (Spirit Goth Records)
  10. Ranchers Standoff by Saparrow Steeple on A Aardvark (ever / never)
  11. They Are Bones by Savak on Cut Ups (Ernest Jenning)
  12. Moore's Nautilus by Connections on Midnight Run (Anyway Records)
  13. I Got a Gun by Gallery Night on Gallery Night (Tall Pat Records)
  14. Lie to Me by The Number Ones on Another Side to the Number One (Static Shock Records)
  15. I Won't Say Nothin by Dark Thoughts on Dark Thoughts (Stupid Bag Records)
  16. Woldbite by Bat Fangs on Bat Fangs (Don Giovanni Records)
  17. Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridges on Stranger in the Alps (Dead Oceans)
  18. Summers End by Black Sea on Disappointing Sunset (Self Released)
  19. Pools by Prettiest Eyes on Pools (Trouble In Mind)
  20. Drop Dead by RAYS on Drop Dead (Trouble In Mind)
  21. Wha do wha do by Male Gaze on st (Castle Face Records)
  22. Every 1's a Winner by Ty Segall on Freedom's Goblin (Drag City)
  23. Why Won't You Wait by The Rubs on Impossible Dream LP (HoZac)
  24. Why Won't You Wait by The Rubs on Impossible Dream LP (HoZac)
  25. Tell Me Something by Son of a Gun on Larry's Cookies (Tall Pat Records)
  26. No Control by Wet Nurse on So It Goes (Recess Records)
  27. Forgot It Now by Fire Heads on Fire Heads (Big Neck Records!)
  28. Out Of Mind by The Whiffs on Take A Whiff! (HoZac Records)
  29. Thumbs by The Cowboys on The Cowboys ST LP (Lumpy Records)
  30. Neon Garden by Monster Treasure on II (Leisure and District)
  31. Decimation by Wild Wing on Doomed II Repeat (Mock Records)
  32. Forever Poser by Thurst on Cut to the Chafe (Self Released)
  33. 109 by Traps PS on Lexicon Artist (Self Released)
  34. Don't Go by Moaning on Moaning (Sup Pop Records)
  35. Take It by Jay Som on Everybody Works (Polyvinyl)
  36. Holiday in Space by Lisa Prank & Seattle's Little Helpers on Gimmy What I Want (Father / Daughter)