repeat! cheetle radio 12.30.16...get ready to go uuuupside downnnnn

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oh haiii, we're out of town visiting the fam. hope you enjoy this ep last year's holiday extravaganzavegan. 

mangey old year...happy new year? quit yer bitchin' for two wee hours...and let us do it for ya! we know this year was kinda gross but there was a whole bunch of good stuff nestled in there, too. dont forget about warm socks fresh out the dryer and free mezcal at the duty free and those oranges you found in your housemate's trash. 

i'm sure you have a list of positives, right? amber will surprise* brit with a list of questions. let's see what she says!

*surprise pending due to availability. surprise cannot be combined with any other surprise. surprise cannot be exchanged for cash money or tacos...but maybe whisky. 

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